Jim Paulson

Jim was raised in a Christian home and an evangelical church. His spiritual autobiography would include chapters like:

  •             Pray It Again—& This Time, Mean It!
  •             Witnessing When Terrified
  •             Trying To Ignore The Holy Spirit’s Conviction
  •             Adventures In Fear
  •             Any Ministry But The Pastorate
  •             Dragging The Family East & West

Jim is grateful for the grace in Christ by which he experiences forgiveness, peace, joy, and a sweet experience of knowing and enjoying God. Jim is grateful for the privilege of preaching the Word of God to a congregation hungry for the Word. He is grateful to walk with, pray with, weep & rejoice with brothers and sisters who are striving by God’s grace to love God, love one another, and love their neighbours. Jim is grateful for his wife Anne, who joyfully serves alongside him in countless ways.

Jim enjoys God’s creation, good books, and watching baseball. He also enjoys pointing out things (mainly about himself) that are worth a good laugh. Mostly, he loves watching to see what the Lord is doing in lives.

Jim and Anne have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.